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Without a doubt, Amelia Island offers some of the best sailing waters in the world! Your chartered sail begins at the historical Fernandina Harbor Marina where old country sailboats visited the new country and traded their goods. Sailing north on the pristine Amelia River, your sailing charter will visit uninhabited marsh islands where a multitude of sea life can be seen, including white pelicans, manatees and dolphin.




Sailing with Amelia Angler

The Amelia River soon widens, greeting Cumberland Sound where its wide expanses give sailors the feeling of ocean sailing. And with good reason, here sailors have their choice of sailing out into the Atlantic Ocean, or continuing their sail north to Cumberland Island. A full 8-hour sailing charter is recommended for the ocean sail, where sailors can sail just off the beaches of Cumberland and Amelia Islands.


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Sailing north in the Cumberland Sound, your sailing charter will pass historical Fort Clinch and State Park. The southern tip of Cumberland Island has wild horses feeding in the marsh and the fleet of shrimp boats can be seen cleaning their nets of fresh seafood! The mouth of the St. Mary's River and Kings Bay submarine base soon comes into view, along with the westside of beautiful Cumberland Island. At this point, your charter will head south and sail back to the Fernandina Harbor Marina.
Your sailing charter comes with a licensed captain, who will also allow charter guests to take their turn at the helm! Our charter sailing fleet also offers sailing regattas, where competitive sailing adds to the excitement of your day on the water.

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